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This explains why we have so many shouty opinion show anchors and not enough, you know, experts.

Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler

by David Lewinson

AGAINST DESIGN reveals the extent to which old ideas and small accomplishments captivate much of today’s art world. The exhibited works — most of them suggesting the offerings at Home Base and IKEA, but all of them based on “appropriation” — come with long-winded explanations and narratives which attempt to explain how and why they constitute “art.”

For all the verbiage they demand, they offer little compensation in the way of visual pleasure which might make the effort of “getting it” seem worthwhile. This art appears to deliberately pursue the trivial, and the artists certainly find it.

So you don’t need to see a Ready-Made in order to appreciate what it has to offer. You just need someone to tell you the story — essentially a shaggy-dog story; with the complexities of artistic consideration being the set-up, and the dumb looking object being the punch line.
By way of contrast, consider a Matisse painting. Just seeing it is enough to provoke appreciation and enjoyment. There’s plenty that can be analyzed and thought about in a Matisse, but right up front is a wonderful visual experience.

But these are not the fundamentals of art. Perception is the foundation of art, and perception is primarily a sensual experience, not an intellectual one.

article based on a past exhibition, offering some valid points & insight over last decades’ art/design scene.

"…According to the Standard Model, humans are intrinsically curious, with an inborn love of learning.
Children are insatiably curious about their world, but by the time they are adults, a stifling educational system has beaten it out of them. All our institutions are directed toward making us conform and stifling inquisitiveness and creativity.
This has to be true, goes the argument, because how else can we explain the fact that bright inquisitive children become shallow and jaded adults?

But the view that we all start out curious and creative, and have those qualities systematically stifled, fails to address some core questions….”

great lil article, questioning the belief that curiosity is an innate human characteristic.

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